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Trying to find an SEO service you can trust these days is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. If you have been in business for some time now you  have probably received sales calls from SEO companies trying to get your business but who do you trust? We can provide you with proven results from our SEO work that will show you we are more than capable of getting you top results on Google search engine.

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Case Study for Bodyline Health

Bodyline Health were not sure if SEO would be beneficial to their website as traditionally people find health practitioners through word of mouth. With the creation of a new website by One Studio back in October 2014 Bodyline Health decided to give SEO a try, 6 months later you could not ask for better results. As Bodyline Health is a health clinic there are many different areas to target however we chose osteopathy, physiotherapy and chiropractic for all surrounding suburbs to Lower Plenty.


We have reached page 1 for more than 35 keywords and each day the average ranking across 50 words keeps getting higher and higher. With the previous website, Bodyline Health were lucky to get a few visitors a day, now Bodyline Health receives an average of 10 visitors per day which equates to a few hundred extra unique visits per month.

Below is the average rank of 55 keywords starting from 1st February 2015. Back then the average ranking of Bodyline Health’s website was 25.4 and now 4 months later it is 11.9, more than double it’s original average.


The following list shows the ranking of each keyword on Google as of 1st June 2015, as you can see more than 35 words are ranked 1 – 10 which is on page 1.


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